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केन्द्रीय विद्यालय, आई ओ सी, बरौनी
Kendriya Vidyalaya, IOC, Barauni
(An Autonomous body under MHRD) Government Of India
सी बी एस ई संबध संख्या : 300014 विद्यालय संख्या : 08002 के वी संख्या : 08002

Committees for the Academic Session 2017-2018




Name of the Committee



1 Discipline
  1. Smt. Anupama Kumari, PGT(Chem.) I/C
  2. Shri D.B.Pankaj, TGT(PHE)
  3. Shri R.Y.Singh, TGT(Sst),
  4. Shri Ashok Kumar, TGT(Snk)
  5. Shri Upendra Kumar, TGT(Hindi)
  6. shri K.P.Singh, PRT/HM
  7. Smt. Rama Kumari, PRT,
  8. Games Coach
To maintain the discipline of school and student's uniform.


Academic Cum Subject Committee

  1. Shri Saurabh Mishra  PGT(Hindi)
  2. Shri R.P.Thakur, PGT(Eng),
  3. Shri J.K.Verma, PGT(Math)
  4. Shri R.Y.Singh,TGT(SST)
  5. Shri K.P.Singh,PRT

Coverage of Syllabus, Question Paper Setting, Class Work/Home Work, Profile of low achievers, remedial Work, Intimation to Parents, Moderation of question papers, Conduct of Subject Committees meetings.


Examination Internal

  1. Shri R.P.Thakur, PGT(Eng), I/C
  2. Smt. R.Y.Singh,TGT(Sst)
  3. Computer Instr.

Question paper setting, Conducting Internal Exam, Result Analysis, Correspondence etc


Examination (CBSE and External)

  1. Shri A.K.Singh, PGT(Bio) I/C
  2. Shri J.K.Kumar, TGT(WE)

To manage all the work related to CBSE Examination and other external examinations


Time Table

  1. Smt.J.K.Verma, PGT(Maths) I/C
  2. Shri M.P.Gupta, TGT(Maths),
  3. Shri Upendra Kumar, TGT(Hindi)

To manage the time table of school and arrangement for teachers on their absence



  1. Shri R.P.Thakur, PGT(Eng.) I/C,
  2. Shri K.P.Singh, PRT

Registration verification of forms, preparation of merit List, Conduct of admission tests, Admission (Fresh and TC)

7 Library
  1. Shri C.M.Singh, Lib, I/C
  2. Shri R.P.Thakur, PGT(Eng)
  3. Smt Anupma Kumari, PGT(Chem.),
  4. Shri Saurabh Mishra, PGT(Hindi),
  5. Shri Upendra Kumar, TGT(Hindi),
  6. Shri Nayan Sinha, TGT(Eng.),
  7. Shri M.P.Gupta, TGT(Math)
  8. Smt Jyoti Anand, TGT(Sc.)
To manage library, purchase   books and proper utilization of library funds.


CCA and Morning Assembly

  1. Shri R.P.Thakur, PGT(Eng.),I/C
  2. Dr. Vijoy Kumar, TGT(Hindi)
  3. Smt Jyoti Anand, TGT(Sc.)
  4. Shri R.K.Singh, PRT(Music)
  5. Dance Coach
  6. Shri S.K.Jha, PGT(Cs)

To conduct different Activities under CCA on time and Conduct of morning assembly, celebration of important days.



  1. Shri M.P.Gupta, TGT(Math) I/C,
  2. Shri R.Y.Singh, TGT(SST)

Requisition of furniture if required, Adopt Procedure for condemnation of articles as per KVS Norms


Repair and Maintenance of Buidling, Gardening and Beautification of Campus

  1. Shri J.K.Kumar, TGT(WE) I/C
  2. Shri Praveen Kumar, TGT(AE)
  3. Shri K.P. Singh, PRT
  4. Shri D.B.Pankaj, TGT(PHE)

Listing day to day and long term needs and execution of day to day maintenance and to maintain the Garden and maintain the beauty of school



  1. Shri S.K.Jha, PGT(Comp) I/C
  2. Shri Sitesh Prakash, CI,

To manage computer lab and purchase accessories if required.


Scout and Guide

  1. Dr. Vijoy Kumar, TGT(Hindi),I/C
  2. Shri Upendra kumar, TGT(Hindi)
  3. Smt Indu Choudhary, PRT,
  4. Smt Baby Kumari, PRT
  5. Smt Sujata Singh,PRT
  6. Shri Praveen Kumar, TGT(AE)

To conduct the Scout and Guide, Cubs and BulBul Activities at school level and to arrange the same for different level like tritiya sopan etc

13 Science and Eco Club
  1. Smt. Anupma Kumari,PGT(Chem)
  2. Shri A.K.Singh, PGT(Bio),
  3. Shri Jyoti Anand, TGT(Sc.),
  4.  Smt. Baby Kumari, PRT
To conduct Science Exhibition and other activities related to science and nature.
14 Guidance & Councelling
  1. Smt Anupama Kumari, PGT(Chem),
  2. Shri R.P.Thakur, PGT(Eng.)
  3. Shri Saurabh Mishra, PGT(Hindi),
  4. Shri C.M.Singh, Lib
  5. Smt. Jyoti Anand, TGT(Sc.)
  6. Smt. Kamini Kumari, PRT,
  7. Smt. S.B.Sinha, PRT
  8. Smt. Meera Kumari, PRT
To solve the problems of the students (Psychological, Social, Emotional etc). To make them aware about different courses.
15 Sports and Games
  1. Shri D.B.Pankaj, TGT(PHE),I/C
  2. Shri R.Y. Singh, TGT(Sst)
To conduct different sports and games activities.
16 Grievance Redressal committee

1.Shri R.P.Thakur, PGT(Eng), I/C

2.Shri C.M.Singh, Lib.

3.Smt. Indu Kumari, PRT

To make efforts to resolve the Grievances of staff and students.
17 Rajbhasha
  1. Shri Saurabh Mishra,PGT(Hindi)
  2. Shri Upendra Kumar,TGT(Hindi),
  3. Dr. Vijoy Kumar, TGT(Hindi),I/C
  4. Sh. C.M.Singh,Lib,
  5. Shri Sudhir Kumar, SSA
To promote the use of Rajbhasha "HINDI" in day today life and working of the vidyalaya. Activities related to Rajbhasha.
18 Medical Checkup
  1. Dr. Vijay Kumar, TGT(Hindi) I/C
  2. Smt. Jyoti Anand, TGT(Sc)
  3. Smt. S.B.Sinha, PRT,
  4. Smt. Sheela Kumari, PRT
To make the arrangement of Medical Checkup of the students
19 PTA
  1. Shri R.P.Thakur, PGT(Eng) I/C,
  2. Shri Ashok Kumar, TGT(SNK),
  3. Shri Nayan Sinha, TGT(Eng),
  4. Smt Meera Kumari,PRT
  5. Smt Kamini Kumari, PRT
To make the arrangement of PTA meetings
20 Photography
  1. Shri Santosh Kumar Jha, PGT(Cs)
  2. Shri Praveen Kumar, TGT(AE)
Photography of different activities/functions in vidyalaya.
21 AEP
  1. Shri Saurabh Mishra, PGT(Hindi), I/C
  2. Smt. Anupma Kumari, PGT(Chem)
  3. Smt. Jyoti Anand, TGT(Sc.)
To handle the adolescence problems
22 First Aid
  1. Smt. Jyoti Anand, TGT(Sc.), I/C
  2. Smt. Sujata Singh, PRT
  3. Smt. Indu Kumari, PRT
Provide first aid as and when needed by student or staff.
23 Cleanliness
  1. Smt. Jyoti Anand, TGT(Sc.), I/C
  2. Shri Ashok Kumar, TGT(Snk)
  3. Smt. Indu Choudhary, PRT
  4. Shri Rajendra Paswan, SS
  5. Smt. Sushila Kumari, SS


Local Purchase

  1. Shri R.P.Thakur, PGT(Eng.) I/C,
  2. Shri S.K.Jha, PGT(Cs)
  3. Shri R.Y.Singh,TGT(SST)

To assist the executive committee, check the requisition made by any department whether it is valid or not. To prepare comparative statement

25 Safety & Security
  1. Shri D.B.Pankaj, TGT(PHE),I/C
  2. Shri S.S.Jha, SS
  3. Shri Rajeev Kumar Suman, F/o- Riya Suman--VIIA
  4. Shri Anil Kumar F/o- Mr. Divyanil Harsh  XB
  5. Shri Gopal Yadav Inspector, CISF


Parent Teacher Student
  1. Smt Anupama Kumari, PGT(Chem),
  2. Dr. Vijoy Kumar, TGT(Hindi),
  3. Shri K.P.Singh, PRT
  4. Shri Ganesh Paswan, F/o Himanshu Rajkaran Kumar, I-B
  5. Shri Lalit Kumar Jha F/o- Siddharth Bhardwaj  I-B
  6. Shri Bishnudeo Bhagat, VII-A
  7. Mr. Sawan Kumar  XII Sc.
  8. Miss Aastha Kumari, XII Sc.
  9. Miss Kamna Rani, XII Sc.
  10. Mr. Mahesh Kumar, XII Sc.


Grevance Redressal Committee for Public Staff  & Parents
  1. Shri Saroj Kumar Choudhary, Principal
  2. Smt Anupama Kumari, PGT(Chem),
  3. Shri R.P.Thakur, PGT(Eng.)
  4. Shri Neeraj Kumar, Nominee Chairman
  5. Shri K.P.Singh, PRT
28 Internal Complaints committee on sexual harassment & POSCO(protection of children from sexual offense)
  1. Shri Saroj Kumar Choudhary, Principal
  2. Smt Anupama Kumari, PGT(Chem),
  3. Shri Saurabh Mishra, PGT(Hindi)
  4. Smt. Jyoti Anand, TGT(Sc.)



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